4th position / 第四名

The following members and groups from Hong Kong are in the 4th position and should be commended:

Chromatic Solo (Open) Poon Sin Man
Chromatic Solo (Junior) Ng Chor Ying
Duo (Open) Fung Kit, Lee Kiu Shun
Duo (Junior) Chik Ka Wing, Leung Pak Yue
Trio (Junior) Ho Cheuk Yin, Wong Chun Man, Leung Pak Yue
4-6 Persons Ensemble (Open) Chan Chi Kwong, Ho Leung Sing, Chan Hei Tung, Ho Chung Ken
4-6 Persons Ensemble (Junior) SPCC Team B
7-13 Persons Ensemble (Open) Springfield


半音階口琴獨奏(公開組) 潘倩敏
半音階口琴獨奏(青少年組) 伍楚瑩
口琴二重奏(公開組) 馮滐、李僑信
口琴二重奏(青少年組) 戚家榮、梁渝
口琴三重奏(青少年組) 何卓彥、黃俊民、梁渝
4-6人重奏(公開組) 陳熾光、何亮誠、陳起東、何頌勤
4-6人重奏(青少年組) 聖保羅男女中學B隊
7-13人小合奏(公開組) Springfield

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