3rd Aug - day 1, a good start

Opening Ceremony - world premiere of The River of Clouds

As reported earlier, the world premiere of Dr. Mui's work was delivered to some 1,400 festival participants in the opening ceremony in the evening. The audience was captivated by the beauty of the piece, and so were ourselves!

At the rehearsal

The opening ceremony was also filled with inspiring annotations and of course musical performances by representatives of locations within the Asia Pacific region, about the history and future of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival.


Good initial results have been achieved in the preliminary rounds of all 4 categories of competition held today in which the delegation members compete. The numbers of entries of Hong Kong competitors making their way into the final round are as follow:

Duo (Open) - 8 entries
Duo (Junior) - 6 entries
Chromatic Solo (Open) - 7 entries
Chromatic Solo (Junior) - 8 entries
Tremolo Solo without accompaniment (Junior) - 1 entry

Preliminary round of competition continues tomorrow on Tremolo Solo without accompaniment(Open), Trio (Open and Junior) and 4-6 Persons Ensemble (Open and Junior). The final round of Duo (Open) will also be held tomorrow.

First overseas performance of three local compositions

Dr. Ho Pak-cheong and Dr. Tse Chun-yan gave the first performance of the following local compositions in the invited performance session in the afternoon:

  1. John Chen: Autumn Water (for two chromatic harmonicas and recorded synthesizer and guitar, composed in 2003)
  2. Tang Lok-yin: Duo (for two chromatic harmonicas, composed in 2006)
  3. Hui Cheung-wai: Benevolence (for chromatic harmonica and guqin, composed in 2003)

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