Interviewees for Artbeat at RTHK Studio 3

From left to right: Mr. Vincent Lee, Wong Chun Man, Mr. Lee Sheung Ching, Ho Cheuk Yin and Dr. Ho Pak-Cheong.

Recording of the winning duo performance played by Wong Chun Man and Ho Cheuk Yin at RTHK Studio 3

RTHK Radio 4 programme "Artbeat" - interview at Studio 3

Interview available online: http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/radio4/artbeat/20060810.html (24:30-39:00)


4th position / 第四名

The following members and groups from Hong Kong are in the 4th position and should be commended:

Chromatic Solo (Open) Poon Sin Man
Chromatic Solo (Junior) Ng Chor Ying
Duo (Open) Fung Kit, Lee Kiu Shun
Duo (Junior) Chik Ka Wing, Leung Pak Yue
Trio (Junior) Ho Cheuk Yin, Wong Chun Man, Leung Pak Yue
4-6 Persons Ensemble (Open) Chan Chi Kwong, Ho Leung Sing, Chan Hei Tung, Ho Chung Ken
4-6 Persons Ensemble (Junior) SPCC Team B
7-13 Persons Ensemble (Open) Springfield


半音階口琴獨奏(公開組) 潘倩敏
半音階口琴獨奏(青少年組) 伍楚瑩
口琴二重奏(公開組) 馮滐、李僑信
口琴二重奏(青少年組) 戚家榮、梁渝
口琴三重奏(青少年組) 何卓彥、黃俊民、梁渝
4-6人重奏(公開組) 陳熾光、何亮誠、陳起東、何頌勤
4-6人重奏(青少年組) 聖保羅男女中學B隊
7-13人小合奏(公開組) Springfield


Delegation Group Photo

Original Third Greater Springfield / 創意組 季軍 Greater Springfield

Original Second Wong Chi Wing, Chan Tze Wang / 創意組 亞軍 黃志榮、陳子弘

Orchestra (Open) Third Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra / 口琴大合奏(公開組)季軍 香港口琴協會口琴樂團

Orchestra (Junior) First HKHA St. James Junior Harmonica Band / 口琴大合奏(青少年組)冠軍 香港口琴協會聖雅各少年口琴樂團

7-13 Persons Ensemble (Open) First HSSKC / 7-13人小合奏(公開組)冠軍 HSSKC

7-13 Persons Ensemble (Open) Second Dim Sum Harmonica Club / 7-13人小合奏(公開組)亞軍 點心口琴俱樂部

Wong Chun Man, Ho Cheuk Yin performing after receiving award

Duo (Junior) First Wong Chun Man, Ho Cheuk Yin / 口琴二重奏(青少年組)冠軍 黃俊民、何卓彥

Duo (Junior) Second Cheng Wai Yan, Lee Yan Yin / 口琴二重奏(青少年組)亞軍 鄭慧欣、李欣妍

Diatonic Solo (Open) Second Hau Kwong Yan / 十孔全音階口琴獨奏(公開組)亞軍 侯光胤

Chromatic Solo (Junior) First Wong Chun Man / 半音階口琴獨奏(青少年組)冠軍 黃俊民

Chromatic Solo (Junior) Second Ho Cheuk Yin / 半音階口琴獨奏(青少年組)亞軍 何卓彥

4 first, 5 second, 2 third / 四冠、五亞、兩季

Following the success in the World Harmonica Festival last year, the Hong Kong harmonica players made another achievement in the 6th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in Taipei. Among the 22 categories of competition, 4 first, 5 second and 2 third prizes were awarded to Hong Kong players:

Chromatic Solo (Junior)
First Wong Chun Man (piano accompanist Ada Chan)
Second Ho Cheuk Yin (piano accompanist Ada Chan)

Diatonic Solo (Open)
Second Hau Kwong Yan

Duo (Junior)
First Wong Chun Man, Ho Cheuk Yin
Second Cheng Wai Yan, Lee Yan Yin

7-13 Persons Ensemble (Open)
Second Dim Sum Harmonica Club

Orchestra (Junior)
First Hong Kong Harmonica Association St. James Junior Harmonica Band

Orchestra (Open)
Third Hong Kong Harmonica Association Harmonica Orchestra

Second Wong Chi Wing, Chan Tze Wang
Third Greater Springfield

Congratulation to all prize winners!


冠軍 黃俊民(鋼琴伴奏Ada Chan)
亞軍 何卓彥(鋼琴伴奏 Ada Chan)

亞軍 侯光胤

冠軍 黃俊民、何卓彥
亞軍 鄭慧欣、李欣妍

亞軍 點心口琴俱樂部

季軍 香港口琴協會口琴樂團

冠軍 香港口琴協會聖雅各少年口琴樂團

亞軍 黃志榮、陳子弘
季軍 Greater Springfield



4th Aug - day 2 of the festival

This is the 2nd and last day of the preliminary rounds of competition. The number of entries from Hong Kong entering the final round are as follow:

4-6 Persons Ensemble (Open) - 2 entries
4-6 Persons Ensemble (Junior) - 2 entries
Trio (Open) - 3 entries
Trio (Junior) - 1 entry
Tremolo Solo without accompaniment (Open) - 1 entry

Look forward to the final rounds tomorrow.


3rd Aug - day 1, a good start

Opening Ceremony - world premiere of The River of Clouds

As reported earlier, the world premiere of Dr. Mui's work was delivered to some 1,400 festival participants in the opening ceremony in the evening. The audience was captivated by the beauty of the piece, and so were ourselves!

At the rehearsal

The opening ceremony was also filled with inspiring annotations and of course musical performances by representatives of locations within the Asia Pacific region, about the history and future of the Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival.


Good initial results have been achieved in the preliminary rounds of all 4 categories of competition held today in which the delegation members compete. The numbers of entries of Hong Kong competitors making their way into the final round are as follow:

Duo (Open) - 8 entries
Duo (Junior) - 6 entries
Chromatic Solo (Open) - 7 entries
Chromatic Solo (Junior) - 8 entries
Tremolo Solo without accompaniment (Junior) - 1 entry

Preliminary round of competition continues tomorrow on Tremolo Solo without accompaniment(Open), Trio (Open and Junior) and 4-6 Persons Ensemble (Open and Junior). The final round of Duo (Open) will also be held tomorrow.

First overseas performance of three local compositions

Dr. Ho Pak-cheong and Dr. Tse Chun-yan gave the first performance of the following local compositions in the invited performance session in the afternoon:

  1. John Chen: Autumn Water (for two chromatic harmonicas and recorded synthesizer and guitar, composed in 2003)
  2. Tang Lok-yin: Duo (for two chromatic harmonicas, composed in 2006)
  3. Hui Cheung-wai: Benevolence (for chromatic harmonica and guqin, composed in 2003)


2nd Aug - arrival

Our journey begins...

We met at the airport at 7:30am and taking the flight at 10:10am, well before the adverse weather due to the imminent typhoon set in.

With our group of over 100 passengers, Cathay Pacific Airways has opened dedicated check-in counters for us.

Arriving at Taipei around noon, we were greeted by Dr. Liaw Shiumn-jen, our long term friend, the founder of the first Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival a decade ago, who also organises this festival.

We were then carried out of the airport in 3 coaches. One of them brought those solo competitors who would be competing tomorrow to a practice venue to have a final dose of practice, while the others went for sight-seeing.

A helicoptic view from Taipei 101. The weather was gorgeous, albeit a bit hot.

The group met in the late afternoon to check in the hotel before splitting again, with some official members joining the welcoming dinner of the organiser, while the majority of the group enjoyed a feast at the hotel. All geared up for the festival opening early tomorrow morning.


8th July - first practice of new work in Opening Ceremony / 七月八日 - 開幕典禮新作品首次練習

Final practice on 31st July / 七月三十一日最後練習

A new work for harmonica orchestra to be premiered in the Opening Ceremony, The River of Clouds composed by Dr. Mui Kwong-chiu, Honorary Composer in Residence of Hong Kong Harmonica Association.


The composer directing the orchestra

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